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Avoid any bad surprises when you claim under your motor insurance policy
Introducing PSA’s Excess Insurance
Making a claim should not be an additional financial burden
What is Excess Insurance?

Most motor insurance policies will charge you an excess when making a claim.

PSA’s Excess Insurance can cover this unnecessary expense depending on the level of cover that you choose.

Click on the following button, simply fill in your details in the form, select the limit of cover that is applicable for your needs and you are ready to subscribe!

Protect yourself and the financial cost of maintaining your mobility
Why should I buy my Excess cover from PSA?
At PSA Insurance Solutions, we are committed to ensure your mobility and to see our PSA clients back on the road within the least time possible and without additional costs.
There are no hidden fees and charges. Plus, with a simple straightforward premium, you can have this peace of mind as from now.
Frequently Asked Questions
But doesn’t my motor insurer pay for all the costs in the event of an accident?
This will depend on the motor insurance policy that you have subscribed to. It is common practice for motor insurers to apply an excess amount, which may vary depending on the motor insurance cover you have chosen and the type of accident for which you may need to make a claim. You can be only eligible for the Excess Insurance if your motor insurance policy is subject to an excess. For this reason we urge you to read your motor insurance policy carefully before subscribing to Excess Insurance. This will enable you to appreciate better the financial support this product has to offer, as well to choose the right limit applicable for your needs. Of course, in case of doubt, we can assist you by reviewing your policy. To do so, please send us a copy of your policy schedule and we will reply you as soon as possible.
What is the maximum level of indemnity cover I can have?
The indemnity cover depends on the level you choose when you subscribe. There are three levels to choose from:
  • Bronze: up to 500€
  • Silver: up to 750€
  • Gold: up to 1.000€
How do I know an Excess Insurance makes sense for me?
Here are some of the most common circumstances when an Excess Insurance policy is a wise choice:
  • If your motor insurance policy is subject to an excess;
  • If you have chosen an increased excess option under your motor insurance policy to reduce your motor insurance premium;
  • If the excess amount under your motor insurance policy can put you in financial difficulty in the event that you have to make a claim under your insurance policy.  
What conditions do I have to meet to take advantage of PSA’s Excess Insurance cover?
PSA’s Excess Insurance is available for private use vehicles, if:
  • You have been insured for at least one year without any claim.
  • Your motor insurance policy is subject to excess.
  • You are a resident in Italy.
My car is not a brand of PSA. Can I still protect my investment with PSA’s Excess Insurance?
Yes. PSA’s Excess cover is available for all cars whether new and used (second-hand) vehicles, and regardless the brand. The only conditions are that:
  • You use your vehicle for private.
  • You have been insured for one year without any claims.
  • Your motor insurance policy is subject to excess.
  • You are a resident in Italy.
When can you benefit from the Excess Insurance policy?
PSA’s Excess Insurance comes into effect upon subscription and cover starts from the date you select in the subscription process. Provided that you have not made another claim in the same period of insurance and that your motor insurer charges you an excess we will cover you up to the excess amount you select during subscription or the excess amount charged by your motor insurer whichever amount is the lower. The only excess charges excluded are damages to tyres and windscreens. Based on our Excess Insurance policy you are limited to submit one claim per period of insurance.
What if I have an accident and I am at fault?
Excess Insurance will still cover your excess cost charged by your motor insurer. The only exclusions are excesses charged for damage to tyres and windscreens. 
Ready to Subscribe to Excess Insurance?
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