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Get back to driving in no time when the worst happens
Introducing PSA’s Market Value Plus
Do yourself a favour. Put your mind at rest.
What is Market Value Plus?
Fact 1: In the event of total loss, your Motor Insurer will most likely pay you the depreciated market value of your vehicle.
Which brings about . . .
Fact 2: Your Motor Insurance pay off will not be sufficient for you to buy a new vehicle and therefore you will experience a financial loss. 
To help you bridge this cost, our Market Value Plus insurance policy gives you back 30% of the market value of your vehicle in the event that you suffer a total loss. Simple, no?
It is also as simple to buy this policy with PSA Insurance Solutions. Complete the online form and we will have you covered in no time.
Write-offs in numbers
You might say “The policy sounds great, but, realistically speaking, I probably won’t ever need it.”
We hope you won’t need it either! At times, however, life has a bit of a nasty tendency at surprising us when we’re least expecting it. Although we hope you’ll never have to go through a write-off of your own, the reality is that it does happen.
And when it does, it can also have distressing consequences on your financial outlay.
Do yourself a favour. Put your mind at rest.
Why should I buy my Market Value Plus cover from PSA?
At PSA Insurance Solutions, we understand how important it is to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your investments are financially secure in case of the unpredictable.
There are no hidden fees and charges. Plus, with a simple straightforward premium, you can have this peace of mind as from now. Also, with our Market Value Plus policy, the market value of your vehicle does not depreciate during the period of your policy.
And if that wasn’t enough, you can choose to split you can choose to split your premium over 12 manageable monthly payments; at no additional fee!
Frequently Asked Questions
But if my car is stolen or gets written off, doesn’t my motor insurer pay it all off?
Unfortunately, this tends to be a common misconception. Most car insurance policies only pay out the current market value of your car at the moment of loss, or only pay the invoice price for a limited period. This could be significantly less than the actual value of a replacement vehicle.
What conditions do I have to meet to take advantage of PSA’s Market Value Plus cover?
PSA’s Market Value Plus is available to private vehicles, both new and used. As long as your car is not more than 8 years old and its market value does not exceed 75,000€, we extend our promise of protection from financial loss and superior service to any brand. Your vehicle must also be insured for theft, fire and own damages.
What is the maximum level of indemnity cover I can have?
The indemnity cover is 30% of the vehicle’s market value, capped at 22,500€.
I bought a used car. Can I still protect my investment with PSA’s Market Value Plus?
Yes. PSA’s Market Value Plus cover is available for both new and used (second-hand) vehicles. In addition, you can also protect yourself from future financial losses whether you bought your car from a dealer, another private individual or on a leasing contract. In fact, your car can be up to 8 years old and still be eligible.
Is there a maximum value of vehicle that can be covered?
Yes, the Market Value Plus policy can only be taken out on vehicles with a maximum replacement value of 75,000€.
Can I have more information about the policy itself?
You certainly can.
Find out if Market Value Plus is right for you
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