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Don’t be deflated, choose the right insurance for your tyres!

Introducing PSA’s Tyre Insurance

Keep calm and protect your tyres with our insurance!

What is Tyre Insurance?

You just got new tyres and you would like to protect them! We are here for you!
You may have never thought about it, but several factors can damage your tyres... The most common damages are punctures, cuts, impacts, cracks, perforations, or bulges (or hernias).
When life deals you a hard hand, do not be deflated, PSA has the solution! Our Tyre insurance protects your tyres for accidental damage at minimal cost. Choose the option that suits you best!
Click on the following button, simply fill in your details in the form, select the limit of cover that is applicable for your needs and you are ready to subscribe!
Tyre Insurance Packages Please note that the corresponding premiums are paid for the year.
Keep a grip on your mobility!
Why should I buy my Tyre Insurance cover from PSA?
With PSA Insurance Solutions, getting your tyres protected could not be easier!
We strive ourselves to support you in preserving your safety on the road.
At a small premium get your tyres insured and put your mind at rest in a few clicks only! And if that wasn’t enough, we give you 3 options to choose from, to best suit your needs.
Just click on subscribe now and once you’vecompletede the process, your cover can start as from tomorrow!
Our tyre care tips: We have the solution for your tyre safety!
Different type of tyre pressure
Check your tyre pressure regularly. Overinflating or underinflating your tyres can increase your fuel consumption. And having the right pressure in your tyres enables you to have a better deceleration.
Check serious signs wear and tear by measuring the tread depth. The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm. You can do this by either checking the tread wear indicator bars on the tyre itself or by inserting a 1 euro coin in the tread. If the gold border of the euro is not visible then your tyre passed the test and does not need changing.
Tyre wear and tear test
Winter and summer tyres
Make sure you have the right tyres for the right climate. And do not reinflate your tyres when it’s too hot or too cold. 
Please keep in mind that you have 5 not 4 wheels to check: do not forget the spare tyre!
Spare Tyre
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know a Tyre Insurance makes sense for me?
Here are some of the most common circumstances when a Tyre Insurance policy is a wise choice:
  • If you just bought new tyres;
  • If you are not ready to pay the costs associated with tyre repair or replacement;
  • And if you want to cover your alloy wheels in addition to your tyres.
I suddenly hit the pavement and damaged my new tyre, does PSA Insurance pay for the cost resulting from that event?
Of course! We cover you for any accidental damage, that is to say any total or partial damage to the insured Tyre/s, caused by external means and which inhibits their use. Theft and Vandalism are also included. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions Handbook for the list of exclusions.
In the event of an Accidental Damage, the process is very easy: you can report your claim via the online claim notification form accessible and provide the required the documents.
Someone slashed the tyres of my car in the middle of the night, am I insured?
Yes, don’t worry! We cover you for any accidental damage including theft and vandalism. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions Handbook for the list of exclusions. 
What conditions do I have to meet to take advantage of PSA’s Tyre Insurance cover?
  • You have bought new Tyres within the last 30 (thirty) days of purchasing this Policy;
  • You are a resident in Italy;
  • If the Tyre/s will be or are fitted on a vehicle for private use.
Which tyre brand is covered by PSA’s Tyre Insurance?
We cover any tyres fitted to your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s specification any brand, that you have bought for private use and as new, within the last thirty (30) days of purchasing this insurance policy.
When can you benefit from the Tyre Insurance policy?
PSA’s Tyre Insurance comes into effect upon subscription and cover starts from the date you select in the subscription process.
Ready to subscribe to Tyre Insurance?
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